Jack of all trades, master of none

The allround guy when it comes to creativity and marketing. With a background in graphics, photography, web editing and writing as well as the shoes business Lars finds many uesful tasks to perform in the Short Supply gang. روني بالانجليزي  

Name: Lars Glendell

The part I play in the Groundstone world: The allround marketing person.


With the curiosity in web sites in the mid 90’s came the natural need to produce content as well. Media, photography, graphic design and writing were the topics of interest. لعبة طاولة الزهر 31 Lars always had an entrepreneurial way of doing things and started out as a freelance designer and writer and worked in the shoe industry full time for many years.

Tell us a short story:

I made a cross-country trip through the United States. Five friends riding garage-built choppers from Los Angeles to Florida for four weeks. اونو عكس الدور All the cool people and places we saw during the trip made an impact. Five years since that trip I still process the all the impressions! Thinking about it in retrospect the feeling of beeing in a movie grows on you. Maybe I’ll write a book about that trip one day, haha!