Meet Peter

“Thing is… We basically do what we want. We can really go for it regarding quality and the use of materials, to make it genuine and real.”



Peter Wårdman
roduct range, development and design at Short Supply.

Short story:
I was into sail racing but at the time I was living in the inlands, which is not at all the right place to live when you want to race big sail boats. I just had to move to the sea. It was back in -78 and I was applying for a job at a big company on the Swedish west coast. At the interview I didn’t even have a clue they were making shoes…

Anyway, they asked me to rate the shoes on the table and select the designs that wouldn’t sell. So I browsed through the models and pointed out the ugly ones. Of course I was totally wrong and rejected all the top sellers.  Later, the manager told me it was just a test to see if I had the guts. Anyway, he sent me to Italy for six months to work in a shoe factory. That’s how my journey in shoes began.