Anna Swenn Larsson

Meet Anna

Name: Anna Swenn-Larsson

Born: 1991

Derived from: Rättvik

Klubb: Rättviks SLK

Merits: Third place World Cup City Event Stockholm, Silver medal in ladies’ slalom World Ski Championships 2019 Åre, Second place ladies’ slalom World Cup Maribor and 5th place in ladies’ slalom at the 2018 Peyonchang Olympics.

I love to ski in every way. In the spring I want to go out to Storulvån with a lunch bag, dog and good friends and go for a walk. I also go-cross country skiing, mostly for fun, but of course it’s good training as well. Forsaleden between Duved and Ullådalen is a favorite trail. 

– I’m quite an active person, not the type who loves to lay on the couch at home. In Åre everything is very easy. Here I am close to everything I love: mountain, lake, forest. To walk or run on the mountain, pick all different kinds of berries, walk the mountain peaks, go cross-country skiing, breathe clean and fresh air and bring food bags out on adventures.

So happy that we have the privilege to cooperate with Anna.

instagram: @annaswennlarsson

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