Meet Will

How to become a skatepark designer

There are several and different ways to become a world class skatepark designer and constructor. Being born in the promised birth land of skateboarding could be an advantage. Also building DIY ramps in backyards and hanging out with skateboard pros in the 80’s also looks good on the CV.

Usually it’s not the best idea to try to climb the stage when Pantera is playing. You might get busted and beaten up, eyes maced and body bruised. Then in the middle of the hullabaloo, you might even accidentally punch a cop, and will have to slightly adjust your plans concerning further military training in US Airborne School…

But what if you knew a that a certain series of events and turns in life eventually would lead to travels around the world to design and build skateparks, then maybe you still would consider some twists to get there?

And yes, of course you have to be a skater to build a skatepark. Like Will Taylor.

Instagram: alchemistwillie
World Wide Web: Bryggeriet Bygg, Malmö