What we do

The Groundstone company emerged from the will of some stubborn individuals with a global and modern mindset, (that’s us) to produce and sell stylish shoes. We challenge established shoe retail traditions in production and sales, and oppose to poor quality and meaningless consumption.

In other words:
We produce products to last a long life. Shoes in durable materials that allows the owner to take care of the shoes and to give them a longer (and better) life. We think that is the best for all of us.

We keep a fair price by selling directly to our customers. Through our own channels (Online and in our  Groundstore), and by the use of selected Ambassadors who have similar values as us. That means you might find our shoes in places you find good people. In pop-up stores, restaurants or just as well in a barbershop. 

Small series, solid craftmanship and top quality.

Owning a pair of Groundstone shoes means that you, like us, think that really good shoes are something unique, created with an open mind and the heart in the right place, where small series, solid craftsmanship and top quality are the basic values.

Our creativity is rooted in the Swedish west coast. Known for its raw nature, laid-back attitude and wonderful lifestyle, this model is the epitome of freedom. Through the windswept trees and briny waves winds a tradition of genuine shoemaking. Innovative shoe design and a true passion for craft flourish in this indulging atmosphere.

We make nothing but top-quality shoes in small series. All shoes are produced in small factories in Portugal, where a heritage of solid craftsmanship has been passed down through generations of families. Our ambition is to make shoes that stand up to a lifetime’s wear, and if you take care of your shoes, they will also look even better with age.