Meet Mange

Mange has got a beer collection containing over 3000 beer bottles. With content. When he buys beer to the collection he always buy two. Drink one, store one. 25 years in the restaurant business ended in a car accident and made Mange switch career. The Beer Career.


Meet Patric

“Nowadays I try to do stuff that doesn’t require my presence at an office.”


Patric Henricson
PR and marketing at Groundstone

Short story:
I studied economy in the eighties and I have started a few companies  since then. From webb development to real estate and motorcycles. Sure, I’ve been an office rat for many years but nowadays I try to do stuff that does’nt require my presence at an office. I still think it’s a lot of fun to start up new things and in this company of people it’s even better. I can pretty much work with, and sell shoes from my camper at the beach or from the cabin in the mountains.