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Meet Will

How to become a skatepark designer There are several and different ways to become a world class skatepark designer and constructor. Being born in the promised birth land of skateboarding could be an advantage. Also building DIY ramps in backyards and hanging out with skateboard pros in the 80’s also looks good on the CV. […]

Meet Jesper

When the photographer becomes The Model. While the first rays of spring light finds it ways through the narrow streets of Old town in Stockholm: We all know that ex-models sometimes becomes photographers. Well heard of many times. But the other way around? Well, not as usual but if it works it works, and this […]

Meet Anna

Name: Anna Swenn-Larsson Born: 1991 Derived from: Rättvik Klubb: Rättviks SLK Merits: Third place World Cup City Event Stockholm, Silver medal in ladies’ slalom World Ski Championships 2019 Åre, Second place ladies’ slalom World Cup Maribor and 5th place in ladies’ slalom at the 2018 Peyonchang Olympics. I love to ski in every way. In the […]

Meet Alex

  Alexandra Edebo Short story: Alexandra Edebo, also known as the Swedish Viking Princess, is an energetic skier from Stockholm, now based in the snowy mountains of Åre. Competing professionally in skicross on World cup level and is also the 2018 European Cup overall champion. Happy, ambitious and goal-oriented and always stoked to take on new […]

Meet Inge

Inge from Sweden Short story: From the nightlife Tijuana streets to a naked prison cell in that same city in just minutes. There, in that damp accomodation Inge from Sweden, met a retired Luchador known by the locals as Señor Habanero. As a friendly gesture from a worn out wrestler, Inge was then given the […]


GOODYEAR WELTED CONSTRUCTION The gold standard of shoe construction. Charles Goodyear Jr, patented his Goodyear Welt sewing machine in the late 1800s, a machine that could stitch together the welt, upper, and soles, without the time consuming hand-technique. Still, the procedure demands around 200 operations to produce a pair of shoes. In a world of throwaway […]

Meet Naz

Naz, the Barber Short story: ”London’s lost it’s soul” says Naz, about his hometown. That’s where he was born and raised. is durvet ivermetin for cattle 1% ivermectin It used to be a nice place… Lots of music going on, and you still could live there for descent money. Now  London is full of Hipster […]

Meet Björn

The man – the myth – the musher Short story: I was born and raised in an advertising firm in Stockholm and I gave a large chunk of my life to creative office work in the wine industry. But my pastime always revolved around the great outdoors and I had a constant yearning for the […]

Meet Jimmy

“When I’m surfing I’m right there and then. In the moment.”     Jimmy gravitates towards shoes. He being the earth and shoes be like tiny brown leather planets spinning round and around… No but seriously. Apart from his strange obsession with shoes Jimmy is also the kind of guy that enjoys surfing, a good […]

Meet Nathalie

Simply one of the coolest food-cooking, music-loving, foul-mouthed woman ever walked a pair of boots. Say hello to Nathalie.